Read why our neighbors support Mary Jo!


My name is Bev Scalze and I have served as your Senator since 2012.  Prior to that I served as a Representative for what was then known as 54B, a district that included Little Canada, Vadnais Heights, Gem Lake, northeastern Roseville and southern Shoreview.  While I am retiring this year, I am writing you today to encourage you to cast your ballot to re-elect Mary Jo McGuire as your Ramsey County Commissioner.

During the last two Legislative sessions, I have served as one of the co-chairs of the Ramsey County Delegation in the Legislature.  In this role, I worked closely with Commissioner McGuire.  She was a fierce advocate on behalf of the county, always making sure that the residents of Ramsey County were not negatively impacted by legislation being considered.

While attending many community meetings in our district, I always see Commissioner McGuire visiting with folks, getting their input for the work of the county that affects all of our families.  Please vote to re-elect Mary Jo McGuire as our Ramsey County Commissioner on November 8.  She has been tireless advocate for District 2 for the last four years and will continue into the future.

Senator Bev Scalze


As the former Ramsey County Commissioner for District 2, I understand what the job requires, and Mary Jo McGuire is uniquely qualified. She understands the issues, knows our district’s needs and has demonstrated outstanding leadership skills as an elected official and a community leader.

Mary Jo has been a lawyer, college professor, state representative and state senator — a crucial asset for Ramsey County. Much of the county’s work is intertwined with the Legislature’s work, and Mary Jo’s professional relationships with legislators and leaders — and her first-hand knowledge of the workings of state government — are exceptionally useful.

We need commissioners who believe the purpose of the county government is to create policies that solve our problems and improve our lives. Ramsey County needs commissioners who see the county’s challenges from different perspectives. Mary Jo McGuire has spent years learning the ropes, listening to residents, studying the issues, and creating sensible, effective public policy. Mary Jo is the leader we need.


Jan Parker

Former Commissioner - District 2

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Mary Jo McGuire for many years, and you can’t go wrong by re-electing her to the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners in November.

Mary Jo’s service first in the state legislature and then on the county board has been exemplary. Government can be frustrating at times as federal, state, and local agencies don’t always coordinate and collaborate with each other. Mary Jo cuts through all these layers with skill to solve problems. She also keeps constituents apprised about what is going on.

She brings an infectious enthusiasm to the work. In an election year when we cringe every day listening to the news about the presidential race and wonder why anyone would choose public service, Mary Jo’s attitude reminds us that we all have a responsibility to participate. I would also see Mary Jo every year as she coordinated a program for high school students who present public policy ideas to local elected officials. I suspect that her efforts have created a pipeline of engaged young citizens who will lead our communities in the future.

Please join me in supporting Mary Jo.


Paul Gardner

Ramsey County Conservation Supervisor - District 1

Over the years, people have become accustomed to seeing Mary Jo at many events like our New Brighton town hall meeting. Like me, I’m sure they have appreciated how well she knows our community and is able to honestly respond to tough questions from residents.

What people may know less well is how committed Mary Jo has been to the students in our community. For years, she has helped students with civics projects at Irondale High School. In all of those interactions, she was responsive and made sure those students knew that their government was listening and cared about them. One example that really stood out to me was when students had concerns about the safety of certain intersections. Mary Jo took those concerns seriously and even set-up meetings with county staff to see what could be done.

Mary Jo McGuire is not the kind of person to stand up and brag about herself, but I will. I’m proud of how she has stood with the less fortunate, the youth and the elderly in our community, ensuring that they are respected and treated with dignity in their dealings with our county. In November, Mary Jo McGuire will have my vote for re-election and I hope she will have yours too.

Rich Rosivach

Teacher - Irondale High School

As long as I have known Mary Jo McGuire she has had a passion for making our communities better through civic engagement. From teaching civics to college students, to serving in the Minnesota House and Senate, to her recent service as Ramsey County commissioner, she has evidenced a commitment and energy I have found amazing. She approaches challenges by reaching out to collaborate creatively with local organizations and members of the community. She is effective in prioritizing human service needs.

My neighbors and I appreciate her work related to road improvements on Dale Street. Mary Jo has a gift for building bridges and making progress on projects that have served our community well. I urge you to join me in re-electing Mary Jo McGuire for District 2 Ramsey County Commissioner.


Barbara Keffer

Roseville resident